Boldleads Claims To Be The Fastest Growing Real Estate Marketing Company Due To It’s New Approach To Business

BoldLeadsUsing marketing automation in order to capture leads is no new tactic used by real estate agents. The method of marketing automation has been used in business for many years and while it has results, for some the results aren’t good enough. Boldleads, a real estate marketing company, came into the spotlight of the real estate business world with one mission: to change the way working in the real estate industry is done.

While veterans in the real estate business know the struggle of listing to capture leads, it has only been recently that real estate workers have discovered how to generate leads, which is the claim to fame Boldleads has over the majority of the market. The results show successful results due to generating leads. In the last year, Boldleads grew a shocking 70 percent with predictions of growth estimated to be 15 percent in the next month.

Boldleads is a family owned business with it’s goal focused around limiting or eliminating sales calls completely, eliminating the competition for leads against other real estate agents, doing away with paying more each month and getting less results as well as doing away with poor support for customers and clients. This is the way Boldleads is changing the way others in the real estate industry will play the game and it’s the exact reason why Boldleads is the fastest growing real estate marketing company that is absolutely dominating the industry.

Amir Modjiri

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