Groza Learning Center

Scott Groza has many accomplishments! He is the co-founder of the Groza Learning Center and they help students with specific learning needs. This learning center offers private and group sessions with educators who have seen many students come through there. This learning center is located in Pacific Palisades. They offer classrooms, tutoring rooms, and something called a retreat space for students to enjoy. They grew very much over the years and ended up having to relocate due to the growth. The idea came to Scott because of his wife’s sister, and he wanted to make a place where students would actually want to go and learn. Also where the teachers were excited to go to work and teach their students. Unlike many other schools, they offer late-night academic tutoring so Scott says that he rarely keeps the same daily schedule due to this but this helps him stay involved in all of the academic programs, and also get to know all the students better. Any new idea that comes to the learning center has a lot to do with the students.

They provide their input and the learning center listens. He has a very creative team working for him also. This learning center is trying to move away from standardized testing and use a more holistic way. Scott says that he tries to never lose sight of what he is doing which is helping students and family that are in need. He tries to interact with all of his team, parents, and students as much as possible so that they all are able to have open communication which makes it easier to get the feedback he needs to improve things for his students.

The Groza Learning Center offers grants. They choose a theme yearly and the students are able to decide whether they would like to write an essay about it. A winner is selected by the end of the year and whoever is chosen wins $1000 towards a higher education. They do have eligibility requirements for the grant which are you have to have been accepted into a college or university, or you have to be currently enrolled in a college or university. They have a form to fill out for the application and it has to be turned in by November 2017.

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