Nancy Behrman of Behrman Communications Gets a Head Start on Technology

Nancy Behrman RankBrainAs we all know, technology never says the same. Technology is constantly changing and as a result in order to keep up, businesses, companies and the way we work much change as well. SEO has been a topic that has never really gotten too much attention because a lot of people don’t understand what it is or how it works. If you told someone you work in SEO, they would most likely ask you what that is and believe you’re a secret agent of the SEO sector.

SEO, although rarely discussed and taught, is changing as the technologies and way we access information is changing in the near future. Nancy Behrman of Behrman Communications is already one step ahead of the competition because she believes in preparation for the future that is coming and coming sooner than we would believe.

What is it that is causing SEO to change? In a word: Artificial Intelligence or AI. Google as of late reported its most recent formula named RankBrain. Rank what? RankBrain is an AI correction in the framework that makes an attempt to “comprehend’ the connection of the content. It basically dispenses with the possibility of the denseness of keywords, on the grounds that the test is to comprehend the substance and its quality to web crawler clients. With that said, it seems those who use SEO will have to take this new addition of Google’s AI and use it to their advantage.

Amir Modjiri

I am an SEO by nature and a data scientist by trade. I love delving into the inner workings of Google's algorithm to see if I can find and exploit SERP holes.

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