QASymphony: Software Testing, Integration, and SEO

In software development as well as SEO, access to reliable accurate data is critical to ensuring the best possible result or outcome is achieved. Although there are many ways to secure relevant data, it is often the case that companies seeking to analyze the potential efficacy of an upcoming effort — or the overall effectiveness of a completed action — rely on testing processes specifically designed for analytical purposes. These processes, as implemented by software development teams as well as SEO professionals, yield the best possible results when properly designed. It is also only reasonable for these processes to feature some consideration of the benefits brought about by tools capable of seamless integration into existing systems and processes.

Software development teams are surely familiar with the value of testing tools and platforms that seamlessly integrate with the existing systems utilized during the testing process. The ability to integrate qTest for JIRA Test Management – QASymphony being the company responsible for developing this particular example – has enabled testers and developers to complete their various responsibilities in the most efficient and effective way possible. With effective testing processes in place — along with easily integrated tools for enhancing every aspect of these processes — software development teams are able to refer to reliably accurate, real-time data for the purpose of evaluation at any stage of the process.

SEO professionals can similarly benefit from the kinds of processes utilized by software developers and testing teams, particularly since it is so frequently necessary to evaluate how well a strategy continues to function even as search engine algorithms evolve over time. Given the frequent nature of SEO testing, the tools upon which SEO professionals rely must also be easily integrated while providing reliable, accurate, and relevant data for the specific evaluative purpose. Like software developers and testers, SEO professionals are best served when the data they secure through testing is provided in real-time and therefore represents the most current information available.

It is certainly true that an endless array of subtle — and perhaps not-so-subtle — differences exist between the data analytics needs of those operating in the software development and SEO fields, but the simple fact remains that professionals in both industries are able to reap tremendous rewards by incorporating the kinds of tools that provide accurate, relevant data, especially when that data is available in real-time. When these tools possess the kind of versatility that makes it possible for professionals to integrate any tools and systems quickly and easily, the process of evaluation and analysis can be thoroughly streamlined without any sacrifice in the overall quality or relevance of the data provided.

Amir Modjiri

I am an SEO by nature and a data scientist by trade. I love delving into the inner workings of Google's algorithm to see if I can find and exploit SERP holes.

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