Making Your SEO Marketing Work for You When It Failed You Already

In a non-professional language, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds like black magic. Most people over the internet are obsessed with the do it yourself attitude. If they don’t understand something, they are quick to dismiss it’s working. When you have a business, don’t always trust your DIY guts, venture forth to learn why you need a helping hand. Aaron Minc shares three things that optimization work.

1. Optimization

The mythical word in most people is optimization. What is this animal? Optimization is a process that starts from planning. If you are already an existing business, you must still carefully choose your keywords. Without a good plan, you might just be pumping your energy in vain. Also important is the development of your optimization strategy.

Notice that inbound and outbound optimization works in tandem. If your outbound optimization strategy is good, you must support it with the right inbound optimization. In fact, outbound optimization works optimally when the supporting inbound layout is good.

If you try to build links outside the website or try to link poorly orchestrated landing pages, search engines will have difficulties back linking you. Eventually, nothing will be smooth. So, make an effort to set your links in the most straightforward way possible. How one page links to the next must be smooth.

2. Kick out lazy content

Most search engines such as Google and Bing love fresh content. By the way, if you duplicate content, some of the sites simply negatively rank your website. After all, why would they need a duplicate page? It is just a useless bother for them. To make your work stand out, make fresh content for every website. Even if you have 10 similar websites, make sure that each website features new content.

Apart from new web content, make a point of integrating and updating your social media sites. News make up the bulk of new rank coefficients, if you don’t have active links, you are wasting an opportunity to rank better.

Some people simply post nonsensical stuff whose overall value is zero. This is counterproductive. Don’t just bring content, make the content worthy. Include images, info graphics, videos etc. to make the content truly wonderful for your client. Remember that, other people are likely to link your website if you have professional content.

3. Be natural about links

Most people don’t know that trust is a very important aspect of search engines. If a site appears first on the Google rankings, you expect that that is a legitimate business doing honest business. If you ramp up links in a break neck speed, what do you expect the search engine algorithm to do? It will be suspicious. It will likely take some time to verify your links. If you are building the links yourself, the engine is likely to know and it might derail your rankings.

Also, create your links over time. Time is the surest way to test the credibility of a business. If a business is good, then over time, its credibility will remain intact. If it is a new business, Google algorithms give them time to prove themselves. Once they have proven themselves and the links follow a natural growth path, then the rankings will improve consistently.

In conclusion, optimization is not your portion if you are all out impatient and greedy. If you have a legitimate business to build, then SEO is definitely something that you should invest in for your business to grow. Also, never forget that the internet does not forget; if your business engages in negative business, you may need to clean up your mess.

Amir Modjiri

I am an SEO by nature and a data scientist by trade. I love delving into the inner workings of Google's algorithm to see if I can find and exploit SERP holes.

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